Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Theft Day

The morning of the robbery I was out and about with the baby for some audition or go-see or something. I was stopped by a photographer who was, as he put it "just practicing". It was in a VERY public place and so I did not feel threatened by him at all, and got no bad vibes about him taking my photo. I also thought he was rather smart since I was in full hair and makeup for photos....he was no dummy.

I never would have found him, if Angela hadn't found my purse, and in turn, his business card that I had put in my wallet. I looked him up last night, and found a few of the photos he snapped.

These were taken at the New York Public Library near Bryant Park, and the famous Library Lion Statues. We tried to get a Christmas Card photo there last November, but it wasn't quite working for us, especially when the pigeons started flying around our heads. We are not big bird lovers, but definitely BIG BIRD lovers.

Today I am getting my new license from my local DMV. I am hoping that they take a new photo.

This was taken my first week in NYC. I think I am looking a little better these days...thank goodness. Oh, and my hair is back to it's true brunette, I feel much better now.

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Elizabeth S said...

I love those pictures he took! Everytime I read your blog, I am so jealous. New York is a place where I have always wanted to live, but being from Tennessee, never feels like a reality. Especially with four kids! You are truly blessed!