Thursday, April 05, 2007

Third Person Thursday

In a small black box theatre, on the 5th floor of a building on 8th Ave and 43rd St., a large majority of the 88 seats started filling up. She started hearing the chatter and felt that nervous feeling in her stomach.

She was about to perform her first 1-Woman Show for the Emerging Artist's Theatre's 1-Woman Standing Festival. It is a developmental series that presents works in progress, so scripts were allowed. As much as she WANTED to be memorized, she just had to let that hope go because she had had quite a month leading up to that night's performance.

Sitting backstage she started getting goosebumps because she was cold, and she didn't want the energy of the audience to be jarring, so she sat as close to the stage as she could, without being seen. This helped her invite their energy in to her, and helped her calm down and get rid of the nerves.

When 5 minutes were called she felt calm and grounded. She felt that she was at the beginning of a long race and she was ready to endure. This is the first time in a list of auditions and performances that she felt quite so in control and calm. She felt glad that she had shown improvement in that area of her life.

It made her smile to hear her friends and family in the front row, and to hear the high pitch of her daughter soar above it all. This was the first time her daughter would see her perform a theatrical piece in a theatrical setting. They were both excited about that.

The show began, and then it ended. In between she hit most of her marks, she held for the laughs. She didn't rush. She used her script, but had confidence many times to ignore it. Her favorite scenes were the following:

~Singing "My Heart Will Go On" and having her water break (she was playing a fully pregnant person)

~Re-enacting Follow Your Fart

~The scenes with her DH. About the budget, planning babies, etc.

~The final scene when she rocks the baby to sleep with their favorite lullaby.

There was a talkback after, and there was a lot of great feedback from the audience. Hopefully she and the author can bounce around some of their ideas and take it further. She is glad she did it. It


HK said...

Wish I could have been there to see her. I have it on good authority that she is very talented. Hope she comes to DC sometime to show off her talents.

Melissa said...

Wish I could have gone! Glad it went well. What did D think about it?