Thursday, April 12, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Her husband beat her to it. He already voted from their IP address, before she got the satisfaction of hitting the VOTE button. This whole election thing is starting to remind her of the junior high and high school election days.

She thinks it would be more satisfying if she could see the vote totals at the end of each day. She has been doing a little research around the web and found some interesting things.

First of all, a few specifics to the contest:
"Voting will be open for four weeks, during which time, entrants are encouraged to get their friends and family involved and voting for their favorite Real Savvy candidate. The top five most-voted-for-moms will be included in the top ten finalists; the other five finalists will be chosen by Julie Still and Lucky 7 Casting. All ten finalists will then be judged by the program's casting director based on criteria including personality, articulation, on-camera ease, charm, and originality. Contest winners will be chosen based on a combination of highest audience votes and the judge's score. The new hosts will be announced on March 1, 2007, and presented with a six-month contract to co-host the award-winning television program."

Well, the March 1st deadline came and went, and the voting is only open 10 days, not four weeks, but hopefully the rest of it is accurate.

She also has found a lot of blogger support. Here are the blogs that are trying to rock her vote:
Sesame Seed
Heidi Swapp
Little V
Sugar and Spice
Design Mom

And finally, the most fascinating of all is the grand total of 496 hits to her website yesterday, and yes they are unique for the month. Their were 81 the day before that, and so far this morning, at posting, the traffic has been unexpected.

Today she is going to try to catch up on life that was missed by the strep. Her throat is even better today. Thank goodness. Now, she is going to go spread the word on voting. VOTE!


Megs said...

Not many people read my blog that probably don't read yours too...but I'll put out the word!

Jenay said...

I just wanted to drop you a line... I caught you on Runway Moms last year and have always remembered you. I was amazed by you and will never forget you saying that Darby was special because she made you into a mother but olive was also special because she made you into an even better mother. I was pregnant with my second then, and your words really resonated with me. I have since noticed your picture in various ads and of course always wondered if that was you on the Nuva Ring commercial. Fast forward a year, I see your picture on Ms. Swapp's blog. OMG, of course you two would be related. You are gorgeous, smart and such real people. Good luck to you!

Samyo said...

I got the facebook group 207 people strong right now. I am continually trying to bring in more votes. Even without their bias, everyone agrees you are the best for the job!!!

Jane Maynard said...

just discovered you thanks to design mom! your audition video is by far the don't be nervous! GOOD LUCK and I'll keep voting and getting friends to vote too! :) (feel better soon!)

Annie said...

Good luck! I discovered you twice today, through design mom and Heidi Swapp. I took it as a sign I should definitely vote ;). Fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

Don't tell anybody, but I get to vote for you three times each day. Once on my work desktop. Once on my work laptop, and once on my work laptop when I'm using my computer at home (you know, different ISP, so different IP address).

My wife votes for you from her laptop and our home computer. :)

Hope you win!

Melissa said...

You really are the best on there - I was proud to send out your name/link to all my friends and family.
PS - Kyle votes for you from his work computer too...he's very excited for you!

Kate said...

I came across your blog through Heidi´s, and must congratulate you on an excellent, excellent entry (and yes, I watched´em all!)

I also must agree with Heidi on your gorgeous skin - what´s the secret?? Diet, exercise, products, mom...?!?

Happy voting, I´ll be clickin´ away in your honor!

Kage said...

Skin? It's genetic....thanks mom....but I do use Kiehls em....and I stay away from the sun or wear sunscreen.....

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I haven't ever met you either, and thought this would be the perfect time to chime in and say that I will put the address on my blog as well (it is through myspace-I am one of your friends, actually)and I will tell people about it. I have been voting as well and I found it funny to scroll down on the page and see your face again on the add for playschool! How awesome!
Anyhow, good luck!
Sara G.

Jolene George said...

I sure hope you're feeling better.
More blog traffic is a good means the word is getting out.

Kage said...

Hey, it's nice to "meet" all of you....I am glad that Heidi could get the word out, it has REALLY helped...and thanks for your comments and votes!