Thursday, April 26, 2007

UGLIEST job ever


Seriously, the ugliest job I have ever done.
I knew it was ugly, while I was doing it. On that day I did two looks. While I was looking through this magazine yesterday, I didn't even notice that all 4 of those pictures were me, I just thought the purple ones were, then I realized they were all me. Seriously, not my best look...And what's with the technicolor hair and the bangs? And the chain? And the no lipstick on the black and white outfit one, and the no photoshopping of my two front (porcelein crown) teeth? Yikes.



texas christy said...

you couldnt be ugly girl!

Tandy said...

I would love to look like that on an ugly day! You look great.

I*heart*NJ said...

I saw one of those pictures in a hairstyling magazine!! I thought it was you and now I know it was you! Love the blog-fun to read!

Lara said...

I found your site through Heidi and have been voting daily - I hope you win!

You have a very versatile look and you look fabulous in all 4 of the photos. Even your teeth look fab!