Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back with the Kiddos

In the end, I did miss them. They are great little bugs. Although, I could have done without the tantrum during our walk today, and the MEGA-TANTRUM at Mongolian Barbecue where we celebrated my bro's 19th birthday. At least it was loud enough to drown out the hysteria.

My poor little one is having some serious abandonment issues, she just can't get enough of me now that I've returned....but I admit, I didn't mind sharing a twin bed with her last night, I missed her too.


Anonymous said...

Grammy and Papa said: We LOVED having them all to ourselves! What a fabulous week of hugs, kisses, stories, playgrounds, sidewalk chalk, making cookies, porch swings, dogs, walks, strawberries, cucumbers, Chuck E. Cheese, happy meals and adventures!

Corinne said...

When I was in Europe when Sheely was 20 months, it took until day 9 for me to REALLY miss her and want to go home. Isn't that sad? I sure appriciated her when I got back though!!

Gedde Adventures said...

I am going on a mission trip to London this summer. I am taking my newborn (She'll be 4 mo then) and leaving behind my toddler (he'll be about 22 mo) and I am really worried about missing him SO bad!!!

Your girls are beautiful!

Linz said...

Love O's little pigtails. I want to hug that little nugget.

How did you all sleep in that twin bed...somehow that bed always feels smaller than twin.

Happy Mo's Day!