Monday, May 21, 2007


One of the things I love about NYC (and this may be true for other cities, but I have no personal experience), are the cupcakes. Baked shamelesslyl and with as much buttercream frosting as possible, I love a cupcake baked in NYC.

There are several companies that make them: Cupcake Cafe, Buttercup, Crumbs, Burgers & Cupcakes, (to name a few), and the cupcake featured here today: Sage American Kitchen. Sage is right down the street from me (oh no), and today we tried the Red Velvet and the Imitation Hostess. Both TO-Die-For. Both, so worth whatever I paid for them...I didn't even ask, just handed over the cash.

On Monday nights, we have Family Home Evening and tonight we played name-that-tune with the primary songs my daughter is learning in primary at church this year, and then ate these cupcakes. This was an EXCITING FHE for us...normally we just pick out a scripture story picture from a large file and tell the story with little gusto (unfortunately). I think these Sage cupcakes significantly raised the bar on FHE and might have to become a Monday night tradition.


marian said...

AWESOME pictures. Can I be part of your family, at least on Monday nights? I luuuuuuuuvs me some cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Kage's Mom said: I want a cupcake so much! They look so delicious!

Anonymous said...

christy from texas here...i love reading your blog. i am a mother of 2 and you are really inspiring (like most mothers of course). i get some really cool ideas from you about family time stuff. also, my husband wants me to buy him the teapot nose thing. thanks for that idea!

saoirse said...

Wow! It looks delicious. I like cakes. :)

Little Miss said...

I'm delurking--just had to jump in and say your FHE's are WAY cooler than ours (so I won't let my kids see your blog and all will be just fine)

btw, your blog makes me happy!