Friday, May 18, 2007

Gradually Going Green

This past week I:

1. took the stairs going down (I live on Floor 5), as much as possible.
2. Did not take my metrocard or ATM receipt.
3. Said NO to a bag whenever I could slip my item in my purse, or otherwise carry it.
4. Bought a new vaccuum that requires no bags.
5. Did not put any of my produce in bags at the supermarket.
6. Reused bags from GAP and Urban Outfitters until they were unusable.
7. Used my cloth towels to do most of the cleaning, as opposed to paper towels.
8. Continued Potty Training. If the babe is potty-trained soon, then I will have spared the landfills a year of diapers. And using 1 or 2 pull-ups a day is less waste than 5 or 6 diapers.

And I realized that my favorite pass-the-time-while-we-wait-for-the-airplane game is GREEN. My daughters and I walk around and collect the newspapers and bottles that people have left, and make sure they make it to the recycling bins.

This next week I plan on reusing a box that someone was getting ready to throw out, and send some clothes to my niece and sister, so that they get some RE-use!


delilas said...


I came across your blog through Heidi S, Stacy Julian, friend that takes online classes from her. Sounds like "if you give a Mouse a cookie" thing.

I have loved hearing about all the ways you are going green. I know people that refuse to recycle, which is so simple, when you have some one that will pick it up for you. I have done it both way, Go Green!!!

I actually have another ? for you and your readers. I have been having a hair syle dilemma for years. I live in No. VA and want to come to NYC (which I love) to get my hair cut. Can you recommend a salon or person? I need someone that can look at the big picture and see what I need. I know it will probably cost $100+, so I'm saving my allowance :). I'm a mother of 6 and in my 40s and would like to look a little more hip, lol.

Kage said...

If you click on the link that says: "where Frank cuts my famous hair" you will see where I get mine cut. He is affordable.

If you want Manhattan. I have had good experiences at Paul Labrecque, Xena's, and Sally Hirshberger, all of which would probably be mucho dinero. I hope this helps.

Linz said...

I, too, love the top of your blog.
Dang, we're lucky to benefit from your re-use. THANK YOU!