Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gradually Going Green

This week my DH came home with paper towels made from recycled paper. This is because he loves me, because he rolls his eyes a lot when I say with energy: "Save the Earth", especially when it involves NOT taking the elevator. He also tried to purchase CFLS at the local drugstore, but they were out.

I picked up on this article from my friend Corinne's blog...go NYC! Unfortunately, I don't take cabs much, but at least by 2012, I know if I do take a cab, it will be GREEN.

This week I FINALLY remembered to carry around my reusable bag. As a result, I took home my Duane Reade, Old Navy and Staples purchases in that bag...even forcing some clerks to re-bag my items. Each time I explained that I was saving the earth, so I feel that that was a good deed too.

I also purchased another cleaning agent from Method, as I gradually turn over my cleaning products to all green-worthy. And I picked up some 7th generation laundry detergent to try.

I am now in the process of researching this company, who deliver locally-grown produce to us. However, I am having a very difficult time understanding the pricing situation, even after I emailed them. Maybe I will have my financial whiz DH look it over. If it doesn't work out, at least I can continue to support locally-baked cupcakes (within reason of course...cholestrol).


Corinne said...

I've had clerks at Target and Walmart and Weis take items out of their plastic and move it into my reusable MOMs ones. They roll their eyes, but you know what - it makes a difference to ME. And now, Sheely notices too and tells me before we go to the store that we need to remember our "bags." So, if nothing else, we are raising an aware generation - and that's no small thing.

TftCarrie said...

I love the idea of vegetable co-ops but after looking into them here when we first moved, I decided that I needed to start off by shopping at the farmers market more to get a better feel for the seasons and variety of vegetables that are locally grown, try out some new recipes, get my family accustomed to some different things before committing to an unknown cornupcopia.

I love that your place delivers. That is a big plus. And it looks like they have a fruit share. I should look more into that.

Melissa said...

Method products are enviro-friendly? Didn't know that. But I use them and love them.