Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It is done.

Eebee's is all done. I have included a few photos here, but not my favorites. My favorites are behind-the-scenes, puppeteers, action shots...but I don't want to SPOIL THE MAGIC for the children (if you look closely you can spot a puppeteers head), so you will just have to suffice with me picking my nose and trying to (what looks like) kill a cockroach.

I also took this pic of me in the makeup room/ONLY BATHROOM. Yeah, really gross, especially after people had a #2 right before touch-ups.

I mentioned this earlier, but now I have proof. The BIG white building on the corner of 67th & 3rd Ave used to be the Muppet building. This is evidenced in the Kermit footprints at one of the entrances.

We were shooting in the annex down the street, with ha! on the outside, which stands for Hensen and Associates.

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Joy said...

That is so cool! I love Kermit's foot prints! :)