Monday, May 14, 2007

The Journey Home

After church yesterday, we headed to O'Hare. I love O'Hare. It reminds me of going on vacation as a kid. My favorite part of O'Hare is the underground walkway from Terminal B to Terminal C. It has moving sidewalks with rainbow neon lights that turn on and off above. Growing up I remember music and twinkling sounds too, but yesterday I don't remember if I heard that or not.

It was on these walkways that I felt a tap on my shoulder and a man say: "My wife thinks she recognizes you from tv." I turned around to his wife and she asked me if I was on that "Expecting Show". I said: "Runway Moms?" and she nodded. She then commented on how big my kids had gotten. Well, 2 years will do that.

She had a 2 1/2 month old peanut, Claire. She said she had watched that show while pregnant, and I said: "I would have too!" Then my kids ran ahead and I yelled back: "Nice to meet you."

Then I started thinking, that I am actually surprised that is the first time in 2 years that I have been recognized. My kids call a lot of attention to themselves simply because they are energetic and a little cuckoo, and I am sure that is why she initially looked at us, and then put two and two together.

Anyway, now we are home. Last night the girls were SO excited to try their new rollerblades, so we all suited up and headed out to the parking lot. My 5 year old has the most work to do.

This morning, for my work out, I decided to do a little blading. Man, it was hard. I kept getting smiled at...I guess a woman in a helmet, workout clothes, rollerblades, pushing a toddler in a stroller, with her helmet, enjoying a bowl of grapes is a delightful sight in the big city. Those rollerblades kicked my butt....I was back 15 minutes later.

Today I have an audition for Law & Order: SVU. Last night, I asked my husband to run lines with me with no previous context, and he was like: What are you auditioning for? Virtual Sex? Avatars? Stalking? When I told him, he was like: Oh, of course. This afternoon I have an audition for the reading of a musical. The director was given my name by the Spelling Bee Peops, so that is good....I am looking forward to that audition, and finishing Harry Potter book #4 in between all that....only 2 more books to go!


Melissa said...

My husband and I are SVU junkies. You'll have to keep us posted on that one.

Melissa said...

I am a HUGE L&O fan (not really SVU though - too sad/scary). My dream was to bump into the crew filming an episode one day on the street. Never happened. My hubby called me once as he was "on location" but that was as close as I got.
that would be the greatest - keep us posted on that job!!!

Corinne said...

I had a lovely reminisce about the O'Hare airport - those lights were always my favorite too :)

tamrobot said...

hey, i'm carrie's niece. I was at Ohare and went through the underground walkway on Sunday too! I actually don't recall the music either. Also, I am also working on finishing HP #4. Hopefully I finish it this week. Two more to go, I hope I finish in time. -Tamra