Sunday, May 13, 2007

M's Day

I'm not that into Mother's Day. Of course it's a good excuse to get your husband to take care of the kids, or to sleep in, or guilt your family into cooking or cleaning for you...but it means much more to me when they show their love on their own terms and in their own way.

This year is the first that I have given my kids gifts. Maybe it is because I was away from them for 10 days, and the Mother's Day section of books at Barnes and Noble beckoned to me. I think I was compelled to gift them with these stories because I am so grateful to them for making me a mother. It is a gift that is unique to them. I gave my oldest the book, Someday. I read it in Barnes and Noble, and the tears just welled up in my eyes. I couldn't control it. I was a mess.

I gave my youngest, I Love My Mama. Mostly because she is obsessed with Elephants. I read it to her today and told her the names of the Mommy and Baby elephant were our names, and so every page she would identify who was who. I think she loves it.

Since I am going home to NYC this afternoon, my DH slipped cards into my suitcase before I I opened a lovely card from him and one each from the girls. I was happy he made the effort.

So, this Mother's Day, I will spend being a Mother....I have packed our carry-on bags full of snacks and books and toys, and packed my magazines into the checked bags, because there is no hope for that on today's flight is there? And tomorrow I will return to life as I know it, mothering two energetic girls in the greatest city on Earth.


Gedde Adventures said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kristy! God Bless!

Rachel said...

I just looked up that book, Someday, on Amazon, and THANKS A now sobbing at work. The 8 year old may be getting it for First Communion next week! Thanks for the suggestion!