Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stock Photography Strikes Again. Part II.

As you can see by the photo, I have now inadvertently lent my face (and the face of my little mushie mushie) to a political statement. This image was sent to a self-proclaimed "long distance fan" in an email about the new partial-birth abortion debate.

This is the problem with doing Stock Photography. You can learn all about Stock in my original Stock Post. And even more about it in theFollow Up Post.

The funny thing is, I have met both Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, and they are both very nice people. I never expected we would share a banner ad! But that's what my life is all about: the UNEXPECTED............


wendysue said...

Matt did some stock photos years ago and at church last week, one of our friends that lived here, then went to school at Purdue, then came back said he had a present for Matt. . .it was a Purdue folder. I thought that was odd. . then I turned it over and there he was, big smiling, thumbs up guy.

Baus said...

I suppose you can be happy you're inadvertently on the right side of the issue... in opposition to abortion.

There are plenty of nice folks who support the wrong side, unfortunately.