Friday, May 25, 2007

Third Person Idiot

She was organizing to get ready for her day. She had an audition for the Rock Musical version of Turandot at noon. The phone rang. The conversation went like this:

Hello Kristy, this is (insert name of an intern) from (insert the name of a big casting directors office in NYC). "Can you come in today to be a Reader for a Shrek audition?"
She said: "Well, can you tell me more about it and about the pay." (to be a reader)
Intern: "You know, I don't have that in front of me, but I can tell you that it will be a half hour between 1:30 and 2:00 and you would be reading with Joel Marsh (Garland). He is up for the role of Shrek, we need you to read the role of Fiona."

She thought: Well, it's not an audition, but still the director will be there, so if I do well as the reader, maybe I will get noticed, and that is a good thing. The only thing is that it is cutting it close to pick up the pre-K daughter, but it will probably turn out fine. So she replied:

"OK sure, I'll be there."

She hung up the phone and printed the sides and looked them over. She was really excited to play Fiona, if even for a half hour to help someone else get the role of Shrek.

Her audition at noon went pretty well. She would have liked to redo 1 or 2 notes. She sang Heart's ALONE, so it was fun to rock out. She then went to get some lunch. A chicken burrito from Chipotle (with just a LITTLE bit of cheese, she is watching her cholestrol after all), and a fountain drink with coke and diet coke mixed. She read her book, relaxed, looked over the sides once more and then it was time to go.

She got there and Joel and the director were outside of the room and introduced themselves. Her first clue was the casting director coming out and saying: "Did you bring something to sing for us?" Well, she wouldn't have if she hadn't had the audition right before....because she thought she was the READER.

First Joel went in and did some monologue work. Then she was invited in. She went right for the chair (which is normally where the actor who is acting as the reader sits), but was encouraged to get right up on stage and do the reading with Joel and the actor reading for donkey. That was the second clue.

They did the scene once through and then the director gave her quite a bit of direction.

It was only at THIS point that she realized that she was AUDITIONING for the role, not reading for someone else's audition. A reader is NEVER on the pretend stage in the scene, and never given direction. Holy Crap.

She got through the rest of the scenes and was then asked to wait outside. When she exited and saw another actor there to read for Fiona, she was ABSOLUTELY positive that she was auditioning. She pow-wowwed with the other girl and learned that there is a reading for Shrek scheduled for 2 weeks in August, and that they are auditioning for that reading. She also thought that the role of Fiona for the Broadway show was already promised to a NAME, and they were just casting for the reading....but that's just what the other actor thought.

She waited a few more minutes and then went in and sang. She decided to give ALONE another go, since she had heard Shrek was a Rock Musical. She did pretty slammin' and the director even hugged her when it was all over....just another oddity about this moment, this day, this audition.

On the subway ride home she was like: WHAT JUST HAPPENED? She thinks maybe she should approach all of her auditions as if she isn't really auditioning, just the hired help.


D said...

I am kind of confused, and that is pretty AWESOME.

Kage said...

The confusion:

Often, when one attends an audition, an actor is hired to read with you. For eg. The other day I was auditioning for a commercial for Nespresso, starring George Clooney. An actor was hired to be George Clooney for all of us girls auditioning, all day.

I was under the impression that I was being HIRED to play Fiona for Joel to audition for Shrek. I was totally confused. I just miscommunicated with the intern that called me.

Does that help? Is that why you were confused?

D said...

I was confused who made the gaffe.

It seems that the intern is the person who was the most confused.

Kage said...

Oh, well, just to be clear, the title of the post was not referring to the intern, it was to me for misunderstanding, though I am pretty sure she was confused. That is why I called her after the audition and asked what I had just auditioned for. Her reply was SHREK, my reply was "NO duh" in my head, but what came out was: Yeah, I got that much....

Chris said...

I'm confused...did you eventually wind up telling the director you thought you were there as a reader and not actually for the role??

Kage said...

No, I just acted like I totally knew what was up.

Linz said...

Always amazed how you make things work in those situations!