Thursday, May 03, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She was getting a chance to workout alone for the first time in months. She had taken a few months break from working out do to the stress of her life and the extreme weather. This morning she was thrilled that her workout would not be accompanied by a stroller.

She was inspired to run. Inspired by who? Her mom.

Her mother set a goal last December: To Run a Marathon. Her first thought was: "YES! I just bought you an ipod shuffle for Christmas, it will be PERFECT."

Her second thought was: "WOW!"

This from a woman who had avoided running at all costs during the course of her life. She has seen her mother make such amazing progress since setting that goal. She is happier, more energetic, positive, and according to her DH who saw her in person last week, she looks GOOD. Her most amazing achievement to date is running every step of 18 miles last Saturday, which resulted in her sleeping through Meet the Robinsons that afternoon, her granddaughter didn't even notice.

She is proud of her Dad too, but he has always been a runner, and has already completed one marathon with her sister, so it's her mom that is so inspiring in this particular journey.

She thought about running. She used to run a mile every day after school during her senior year. She hated every step of it. She did have a sense of satisfaction, however on physical fitness day, when she achieved a 7 min. 40 second mile. That was a nice feeling.

Back in 2004 she started to run as her exercise and she got to the point of enjoyment...but then she got pregnant and THEN she got morning sickness, and it was all over. This day would be her first day back.

Instead of walking, she ran her entire route...very slowly. It ended up being only 23 minutes, but it was challenging, as she hadn't RUN (except for the bus) for about 3 years. The whole time she just thought about her mom running 18 miles, and that's what got her through 23 minutes.

And the image that kept sweeping over her mind during that short (VERY LONG) run, was her mom crossing the finish line in South Bend, Indiana on June 2nd.


chloe said...

YES! Good for you! Running is awesome - hard but so worth it.

Rachel H said...

I have a sister who has run and WON a National Marathon for her age, on th other hand, my phrase has always been- I run, yes- if someone's chasing me!!
I will admit it is a challenge I am inimidated by. But what a great accomplishment!

Christina said...

Oh my! You're gonna feel the effects of running tomorrow, and the only thing that makes you forget how sore you are... is to run again!

23 minutes is a lot for the first day!

Linz said...

Mom rocks! Have you caught the bug?