Thursday, May 17, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She arrived at the audition a little early. Her plan had worked. She left her 2-year-old's audition at around quarter to eleven, and walked 22 blocks south and 3 blocks west to arrive at her destination. The plan was that the toddler would fall asleep to the motion and cacophony of the city sounds...and she did.

She quickly changed into her two-piece swimsuit and then read the copy. She had to couple up with another actor and frolic in the "ocean" in her bikini. Oy. She severely dislikes having to couple up...especially when there is frolicking involved.

She used her bag of actor tools to rid herself of self-consciousness...both for the frolicking and the 2-piece for goodness sake! She was grateful that he took some of the lead in the ocean frolicking, and VERY grateful that she didn't literally have to throw her swimsuit in the "ocean" and keep the copy described.

She was ALSO grateful that her daughter didn't have to witness her mom, scantily clad, cuddling with a complete stranger (who was also scantily clad), while watching a "sunset". Luckily the baby remained asleep, and actually 2 seconds (literally) before she had to go in, a co-star from Eebee's aparated (she is heavily engrossed in Harry Potter right now), and watched the little muggle.

She ended the day with a slightly-too-cold saline solution in her neti pot, but was fine with that because she seems to be fairing amazingly well this allergy season, compared to last year, and compared to everyone around her who seems to have itchy eyes, runny noses and voices a few octaves lower than normal. breathe...and frolic.

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