Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I ran into...

I had a callback this morning for Ruby Tuesday's. I pretended to eat Chicken with 3 other pretend friends, and during the course of the meal announced my engagement. We all said CHEERS as we clincked empty coffee mugs.

After that I had a little ME time as I ate mac n cheese from Chat n chew, read HP #5, went to ABC Carpet & Home and spent about $15,000 with my pretend money and had it pretend shipped to my apartment. As I was leaving I heard an enthusiastic: "KRISTY GLASS." Oh no...that's never good. I recognized the face for sure, but had no idea....I think I might have said: "Help me" and gestured with my hand...

It turned out to be Mark from DePaul...we were in Into the Woods together. He, Jack, I, Cinderella. He was wearing a Cubs shirt, so I might have figured it out about 32 and a half hours later...I am bad like that. As I talked to him I remembered him completely and how generous of spirit he is, so it was great to run into him.

Then I got a last minute call for an audition in a few hours, at the SAME place I had just had the callback. ERGH.

I jetted home to retrieve my kids and then back out we went. The audition was easy breezy. I even saw a fellow-mom actor, Shannon, so it was nice to catch up with her for a few minutes. The reward for being very good girls was a McDonalds Happy Meal. The girls had their usual chicken nuggets, apples and chocolate milk, and I sampled the SHREK SHAKE. It seriously (no joke) looks like pigeon poo...multi-colored greens and whites, and tastes almost like a Shamrock Shake but not quite, so I give it a big thumbs down.

As we were walking to the train a gorgeous bulldog pup was racing after us...he was showing extreme interest in the little one, which never happens, so I pointed him out. On busy, VERY busy 6th Ave, my babe hunkered down to play. I looked up at his owner and the two of us immediately went: OH MY GOSH HI!

Another friend from years gone by.

She was a year behind me in school growing up, and ended up being REALLY close with one of my best friends from elementary/middle school. I knew that the two of them were roomies in NYC, but I had never met up with her (only our mutual friend). So, as friends of friends, we were able to shoot the breeze for several minutes while the babe played with Otto, and the big girl talked animatedly on the cell phone to her BFF in CA, tripping many commuters up in the process.

Meeting up with 2 people in one day is odd for me. Very odd. I am wondering what it means.....

On the way home, 2 very dirty girls in tow, I got a lot of looks from fellow subwayERS, as my daughters loudly (but not obnoxiously) sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, many times over, followed by some made-up Aria in the station (as it has AWESOME ACOUSTICS). Tonight I am going to wash my stroller seat cover, something I have never done (I have owned it for 4 years...disgusting), and prepare for my Olympic Paint callback and Comcast audition tomorrow.

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Rachel H said...

The amount of "schlepping" you do with your kids is so amazing to me.(did I use that term right?) I feel put out if I have to take my two with me to the grocery store! It seems you wouldn't even need to work out doing all the walking you do.