Monday, May 07, 2007

The Weekend

This is my second weekend in a row sans kids. I don't hate it.

Sunday morning I attended a delightful concert at the Barnes and Noble near Lincoln Center. It was the annual fundraising PLAY-A-THON for the school that my daughter will be attending in the fall. I watched 13 kindergartners dressed in their concert-best, play the violin, cello and piano.

They were so impressive, especially one little boy who played the piano....amazing. I sat with a mother who has a kindergartner, and she filled me in on some of the parents. I was excited to find out that there are many musicians and (as my husband would put it) "artsy-fartsy" types among them.

As part of their fundraising efforts, parents that had published works were selling them, and donating a percentage of the profits to the school. I picked up a CD from a 6th-grader's mom, Louise Rogers. It is a CD of three fairy tales, set to Jazz. I think my daughters are going to love it. You can check out that cd, and the rest of her work here. I made a mental note to be sure to cell my CD at next year's PLAY-A-THON.

I also bought a book to be placed in the Kindergartner's classroom: Curious George Takes the Train.

I just loved observing the community that has been fostered by this school, and seeing all of the support from the parents and the peers and the teachers. It was really wonderful to behold, and I am so excited to be a part of it.

On another note, Sunday was the 5 Boro Bike Tour. Since I live at a pretty major intersection in Queens, that actually connects to Brooklyn, the bikers made there way by my house today. WHAT A SIGHT TO BEHOLD....I saw bikes and bikers of all shapes and sizes, and it was a never ending stream. I even saw a 3-seater. It was so cool. I made yet another mental note to myself to remember it for next year so that my family can pop a squat on the sidewalk and watch them all zoom past.

And finally, our mini mis-adventure of the weekend included my DH. We had some friends over to go to Target (we needed a new vaccuum STAT), and then to watch the Jazz game. I ended up impusively giving myself a manicure, during the game. My husband drove our friends home, and when he returned, the back door to our large condo building was not working (as usual...I think they are working on getting it fixed). He walked all the way around to the front only to find a very large man sitting in our lobby near the front desk, in one of the nice leather-upholostered lobby chairs, and a large splatter of vomit all over the floor. My DH examined the scene and decided that the man had had too much to drink and had thrown up, and was not in mortal danger, so he just went upstairs, crawled into bed and informed me of his presence. I think I might have called 9-1-1.

On Sunday morning, around 9, I saw that NOTHING HAD BEEN CLEANED UP and that the doorman (poor guy) had thrown up himself from the sight and smell. I told the Super that my DH had discovered him and he said: "Why didn't you call me?" I said, "I don't have your number!" He said: "I know, I don't even have the right number to give you..." Huh? Then why did you just ask me that?

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hahaha and gross. all at the same time.