Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wrangling out the Wazoo

May 31st, 2007

Wednesday I wrangled for Toys R Us. It was just a half day, but the shots were quite demanding: Put one hand here, one hand here, don't move your feet, look at the baby doll, NOT ME, oh and smile WITH TEETH and your mouth half open. What, your only 3? Too bad.....ha ha ha ha ha!

It went ok.

The perk was getting to drive to the job in New Jersey in my new Acadia. It's a sweet ride, let me just tell you that much.

While there, I got a booking with Bloomingdales for Thursday. Unexpected. I have no idea how my name gets around sometimes, but it's nice to be IN. Fortunately my fab friend Joy could babysit the crazies, and so I was good to go.

Off I went to the Central Park Zoo at 7 AM. Yes, 7...AM...And let me just tell you, when you are shooting in the indoor rainforest BEFORE hours, there is a whole lot of ANIMAL #2 all over the place. Yes, places where you rest your elbows and say: "Oh, look at that beautiful bird!" Chances are that either the bird or the bird's crap was RIGHT where you just had your elbows, just hours before. Gross. Icky. Pee-YOU.

I was a good girl and wore my SPF 45 all day, but I still feel like I took in a little too much sun. I will make up for it by sitting in the car ALL DAY tomorrow and MOST of the day Saturday...

The girls and I hit the grocery store tonight for a few snacks, and $150- later we are quite loaded for our trip. Excitement all around. Having been watching my cholestrol (and diet in general to get into this one pair of white pants that I love and are too tight after a long winter), I am looking forward to an Entemann's devils food donut for breakfast...and some Twizzlers Cherry bites around 11, and some Whoppers around 2.


D said...

All your talk about cholesterol got me worried, but we happened to have a health exam for our life insurance and I came back with shockingly low cholesterol -- almost below normal levels.

What gives? I have no idea how that happened...

Linz said...

Take lots of pictures! Do I even need to say that? No. Wish I could be there with you guys this weekend.