Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Don't Have to Have a Perfect Body

My agent's assistant called yesterday:
"Hey, we have an audition for you for Sugar Raw. You are going to (insert address) at 12:20. You need to wear a two piece swimsuit under your casual clothes, and a t-shirt. You will be taking the t-shirt off as part of the audition. And you don't have to have a perfect body."

She was right to say that last part b/c as I was listening, and heard 2-piece, I was immediately writing it off. I am not that swimsuit model girl. But at the same time I wondered if I should take offense to that? Not being one to take offense very often, I decided not too.

It reminded me of the one and ONLY swimsuit modeling job I have ever done. It was for Prevention Magazine. A story on how to make your weaknesses look stronger. I was chosen for the small-chested girl. It was about 1 year after I had done a story for them about eating while pregnant, so I was feeling good that I was chosen for a swimsuit job. I had to really let go of my insecurites about being photographed in a swimsuit, and just go for it. I had a great time. They didn't use my photos.

During the shoot the art director kept saying I was too tall, so I like to tell myself that's why they re-shot it with a more petite girl. I like to tell myself that was the reason, as opposed to the cellulite poking out on either side of my upper thighs, or my less-than attractive knees, or small bust. Even though it was dissappointing not to have the photos run, it was still a personal triumph that day, because I went WAY outside my comfort zone for this photoshoot.

Before I go to Sugar Raw, my 2-year-old has an on-camera audition for Spike TV. I have no idea what that's about, but it is safe to say that if she was in her teens, I probably wouldn't allow her to go to such an audition.

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PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! That's too funny. "You don't have to have a perfect body"...

I guess in this industry you probably have to have a fairly thick skin, huh?