Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ballet Recital

June 27, 2006

The ballet recital that we have been waiting for and preparing for for SO LONG was on Sunday.

This year I volunteered to be a backstage mom. Last year was such a thrill to be in the audience and see my little girl do her dance, but immediately upon conclusion of the night she had a meltdown. I blamed most of this on the lateness of the hour-it was about 9 pm. She was also 4 years old. This year I decided to try to avoid that and be a backstage mom.

It was actually fun. The little girls were really good, coloring in books and eating snacks. I did my daughter's hair and makeup backstage and anticipated interest in that, and so brought extra Q-tips so that I could share my makeup with them. Another whole class asked me to do their makeup before they went out, so we started an assembly-line of little blue-tutued girls, and I applied blue eyeshadow and glitter to their sweet little faces.

(this is her with her really close friend from her pre-k class)

Backstage we waited to go on, and I entertained them with silly dances, and then it was time for their performance. I admit, though I was in very close proximity to my daughter, standing in the wings, it wasn't quite the same as being in the audience, though I am pretty sure no matter where you were sitting, you could see my daughter fix her wedgy, TWICE.

After their performance, I organized a little simon says and hokey pokey to help pass the time. When it was time to go and say thank you to her Dad and grandparents for coming, she had a meltdown. I was pretty shocked, because she was so even the entire night. I then started to remember when I was in junior high and high school, how after a performance I would just bawl my eyes out. I remembered the other day at the audition that I missed, that my reaction was to cry. I think it is just totally natural to need a release after SO MUCH build up. Poor little girl.

She got over it pretty quickly, and we were able to take a few more photos, but I just felt bad that as a 5-year-old she probably doesn't even understand why she would cry like that.

On Monday, on our way to the violin lesson she said: "Mom, next week (she meant year), at my recital, I want you to be backstage mom again." I asked her WHY? and she said because I was so silly backstage. But whatever the reason, I'll take it.


Rachel said...

Kristy- may kids are 11, 8 & 6 months, and I can tell you that being the goofy mom pays in dividends! I'm pretty strict mom most of the time, but being goofy is what the kids remember most of them time :)

Anonymous said...

Grammy said,
She is such a little doll. Love her!

SelosMini said...

I remember those moments. After dance competitions, where everything was so crazy, I had to have an outlet somewhere. Your little girl is lucky that you are there with her, helping her learn healthy ways of letting things out. Good for both of you.