Monday, June 11, 2007

Ballet: Sequel

June 11, 2007

We are rounding the corner on our second ballet recital. I had a LOT to WRITE about LAST year. I am over the shock of costs and logistics of course, and because I hated the inflexible and rude photographer that the school uses, I just didn't participate in that, so that eliminated some stress in my life. I am even going to be a backstage mom this with any luck I might get a little reading in between the pee breaks, complaining and hair and costume fixing.

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal. It's still pretty hard to tell if my DD has talent in this arena. Some of the older girls (by about a year) have really consistent posture, stage presence and technique. My DD depends greatly on the leader of the dance and has a pretty smile about half the time, and good posture about 30 percent of the time, but I still think it's a great experience for her. I especially love the classes when she leaves sweaty and hot....I know she has gotten her exercise that day.

When I first saw the costumes for this year I thought they were absolutely ridiculous, but they are growing on me. Yesterday I even did eyeshadow the same colors as the tiers in her tu-tu. (I am SO meant to be the mother of girls...I eat this stuff up!)

There are still 2 weeks until the ACTUAL recital. My DH's parents are coming to see it and hang out in NYC for a few days, so we will get to do a few touristy things that we might not do otherwise. Maybe we will finally visit our local PS 1 Museum...and have a bagel at the new cafe that just opened, Bricktown Bagels....they look YUMMY.


Anonymous said...

No wonder my child is a boy! Not only would I not know what to do with a tu-tu, I would never think to pull it all together by doing eyeshadow in the tu-tu colors! You are so creative! Good luck with all the recital stuff :)

lainakay said...

Read your past posts. So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks it is ridiculous to pay a small fortune for a child to take dance lessons and then be charged for tickets to see the payoff for the investment! I still don't quite get it. I guess they just know we're suckers for seeing our cute kids perform. Who's not going to pay to go see their toddler wobble around in a tutu? And fifty-bucks for the dvd because they don't allow video cameras... talk about taking advantage! Such a racket!

Rachel H said...

It's like all the young moms of young girls are living on the same schedule! I just recently posted about my own frustrations with Lena's recent ballet recital. If nothing else I just hope it imporves her coordination, grace, flexibility and is good excersize!!
Now I am wondering what in the world to do with the $100 costume that was only worn for a few hours?