Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Day of Violin

June 26, 2007

Yesterday was our second violin lesson. The first was spent entirely on bow work. Parts of the bow, holding the bow, practicing rest position and playing position of the bow hold etc. I felt completely overwhelmed when the lesson was over. Though it's been 7 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree, I still thought I would be pretty prepared to help my child with her music education. Not so. Even the violin class that I took for a quarter in college, is nowhere to be found in my memory bank. With the pretty decent amount of musical knowledge that I have, I cannot imagine what other parents must feel like upon attending their child's first class. Ay ya ya.

I am guessing that technique will always be paramount, but ESPECIALLY at the beginning, and no amount of music theory or voice lessons would have prepared me for proper violin posture...so it all makes sense that I am feeling like I need to put my second child up for adoption, quit my job and say goodbye to all my friends and life as I know it, so that I can effectively direct violin practice sessions in my home.

But seriously, after a week of practicing, it wasn't THAT bad. It was actually nice to be forced to carve out some one on one time together. She seems to enjoy the attention too, since little sister demands a great deal of mine. It is also nice to have a little structure during these summer months of fish jumpin and the cotton being high...or just the pile on my shaggy (and still shedding like maybe 4 cats now) carpet.

Yesterday's lesson was all about the violin and its many, many, many parts. From my perspective, the most positive thing about this experience, is that I am learning. I LOVE learning new things, and yesterday I learned that a violin has ribs, a tail piece, pegs, fine tuners, F-holes, and shoulders. Hey look now YOU learned something too.


D said...

"Oh, your daddy's rich..."

Linz said...

"...And your Ma is good lookin'"