Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's only Tuesday?

June 26, 2007

Today was going to be low key, but ended up a little crazy.

We began with one of our favorite free concerts in the park. We saw Audra Rox, who teaches classes in Brooklyn, and is a kid rocker. Our favorite songs of the day: DANCE IN THE MIDDLE and HOPE MY MAMA SAYS YES!

While there, I got a call about a last minute audition for a film starring Ed Norton and Katherine Heigl. My part would be 3 lines long, as a bride. I rushed home, arranged a babysitter, brided myself up (dewey makeup, updo, white tank and white skirt--frankly, I looked better this afternoon than on my ACTUAL wedding day), and left.

It went fine. I am sure a LARGE part of the decision will be based on who LOOKS the best next to the lead actors.

When I got home, I got a call from my print agent, putting me on hold for Real Simple Family. After the call, the following conversation ensued at my house:
ME: Hey, remember when you and the little one did Real Simple Magazine? Well, I might get to do it too!
D1: With us?
ME: No, they just want me...so we all get to do our separate photos.
D1: Wouldn't that be cool if they put all of our photos together: Me looking at the book, and sister eating the cheerios, and you, what will your pose be?

I then went into this whole disapproving, hands on my hips pose that somehow brought with it the song KIDS from Bye Bye Birdie. The girls giggled quite a lot as I sang it to them.

Then the phone rang. It was my agent again:
Agent: So, you are on hold, and they want the girls on hold too.
I told D1, and she said: See, I told you us too.

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onehm said...

I tell you what...kids KNOW things! It's crazy!
Sounds like a busy day!