Monday, June 18, 2007

Last Day of School

June 18, 2007

This photo says it ALL. Since day 1 of pre-K, my daughter staked her claim on this little boy, who we will call Brian. She came home one day and said:
"I am Brian's girlfriend, but he doesn't know he's my boyfriend."

One day, as we walked 1 block together, she tried to kiss him on the lips at parting. He QUICKLY dodged, and his mother suggested a high-five instead of a kiss.

I have not heard Brian say 1 word in all the afternoons I have tried to engage him. He is super cute and a little (lot) shy. My DD has had a major crush/infatuation/love affair with him all year.

We broke the news to her that Brian wouldn't be in her new Kindergarten class, but she insisted he would still be her boyfriend.

I am not worried about her heart being broken though, because as we reflected on the Step-Up Show (pre-k graduation) today she made mention of how handsome Stephen looked, and Brian seemed a fleeting thought...poor Brian...his first crush had to have been so painful...miss Chatty Kathy, always trying to kiss him, and then two seconds later crushing on another little boy! Brian, we will miss you, and I am sure you will not miss us!


Little Miss said...

Oh REALLY, that picture says it all!

And funny thing about shy boys, my daughter had a crush on Luke-- the most shy kindergartner ever, I'm sure he had no clue.

{say.cheese} said...

my daughter will be marrying HER DAD... or so she says!

Love your blog. I've been lurking for a while now. I saw you on Heidi Swapp's blog.