Friday, June 01, 2007

Quote of the Week

June 1st, 2007

I am not sure if there will be a quote of the week every week, but last week I thought this was so freaking hilarious, I had to share it here:

I curled my hair for church, and half way through I realized I was out of hairspray. Oh sha-boing boing. I curled the rest of it anyway, and just messed it up with a bunch of pomade.

So, a guy at church says to me after church was all over:

"I like your hair today. Well, right now it's looking a little peaked, but earlier, it looked great."

Love it.


Anonymous said...

too funny! children (and men) say the darndest things! just curious but could you share your diet regime? your so lean which i know is alot genetics but any diet tips?

jane said...

People say the craziest stuff! On my mission we put a long piece of butcher paper on the wall and wrote all the crazy quotes we got on it each night. It was a fun memory keeper.

Linz said...

(to anonymous comment) If it's genetic, I missed out!

My favorite quote from this post was "Oh sha-boing boing."

kage said...

anon, I got lean after my first baby....seriously I think my stomach just shrunk from all the puking and heartburn. so I eat less and I move more (city life)...I used to exercise very regularly, and since baby #2 (she is 2 now) I have really struggled with it, but I try to fit it in here and body REALLY misses it...