Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice

June 22, 2007

Living here, I write down a bunch of free stuff on my calender, and show up and hope it's great. The first time I did this was for the Brooklyn Easter Egg Hunt. It was really fun, but we didn't get there quite early enough. My daughter found I think 3 eggs. Luckily, she wasn't quite 2 yet, so it didn't hurt her feelings.

Yesterday morning we attended a puppet show at Madison Square Park. It was a great puppet show, but we had really bad seats and hot sun. The most fun of the morning was playing in the little manmade pool/lake/fountain-thingy (that was empty of water) there, after the show was over, and then eating sandwiches with our friends.

Last night we took a chance and attended the Summer Solstice Festival at Socrates Sculpture Park, just up the street. We had an absolutely delicious time. Aside from the avant garde sculptures in the park, we were able to listen to and dance to some Native American Music, get our faces painted, make Summer treasure boxes, wind"chimes" earrings, pirate hats, paper hats, tissue paper flowers, bracelets, and if it hadn't started to rain, I am sure much more.

While I was getting my face painted a photographer from the New York Sun, took a few photos, and I hit him up for his skeelz, for the photo of the three of us. Thanks photo-man.

The little one, loved these dancers, and I swear they were doing a rain dance because out of NOWHERE the heavens opened and we got poured on. As a result we bought a few hotdogs and ate them under a small patch of shelter at the park, before running to our car.

The recycling peops were there and challenged me to sort through some garbage. I learned that a few cartons I typically throw away, are indeed recyclable, so I was glad I stopped by their table. Go recycling!

These random balloon sculptures were mingling amongst the crowd. We decided these were a shrimp and a scorpion. They were doing some sort of dance that reminded me of mating I had seen on some nature shows, luckily it started raining so my girls didn't have many questions...

What a fabulous first day of summer we had. I had such a great time spending it with my girlies. Now today we work.


Megan said...

That is so sweet and cute. What nice memories you will have!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find out about the various things going on around the city? I have a couple websites that list the street fairs but I still feel like I miss out on alot. I hate hearing about great activities (such as the amazing time you had with your girls last night)after the fact because it makes me jealous. :)

TftCarrie said...

How fun! And those summer showers that come and dump and just crazy!

Linz said...

sweet face painting!