Thursday, June 07, 2007

Third Person Thursday

June 7, 2007

On Tuesday she had an audition for Seussical, the musical. She had known about it since the weekend before. She had been given specific instructions for her attitude and look: Regina George from MEAN GIRLS and Hilary Duff/pop princess. She went shopping b/c she didn't feel like she had the EXACT right outfit for the look.

She downloaded the tracks of what she had to learn, since she would be on a road trip, and listened and studied faithfully.

When she was on set the Friday before the trip, she studied IN TOUCH for the LOOK of Hilary Duff.

She practiced her hair/makeup and outfit a few days before the audition.

She felt REALLY good about everything.

She got babysitters for both of her kids, and focused on being Mayzie all morning long.

She got there 5 minutes before her 1:25 PM audition time. She looked at the board: Seussical 10-12, Room 609. It was not uncommon for auditions to switch rooms after lunch, so she scanned the board looking for Seussical 1-?. NOTHING. She mentioned it to the front desk guy who with little empathy, and she thought masked glee, informed her that those auditions were OVER at noon. She called her manager and got voicemail.

She eventually tracked down someone else who put her in touch with the guy who scheduled the auditions. He told her that her time was at 10:10 AM. She asked if she could attend the callback. Big FAT no.

As she walked down the hall, she started sobbing.

In her head she knew it was ridiculous to be THAT upset, but she just couldn't help it....So many thoughts were sweeping through her mind: Hours spent on copy and music, Almost $100 just to attend the audition ($1.98 on itunes, $49.50 on dress, $10 ish on jewelry, $25 on babysitting, $4 for subway there and back), getting her heart set on the part etc. etc. She called her DH, he wasn't there. She called a friend. After a quick chat, she figured something out. When you go to an audition, there is a lot of preparation before entering that room. IN the room, you take that energy, adrenaline and preparation and push it out of your body through song or through copy. You leave the room having felt purged, and you go on with your world.

Tuesday she did not get that chance, so her body had to force it out another way, through tears. And she felt so much better after that, and of course a BERRY LIME SUBLIME from Jamba Juice.


chloe said...

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience this morning.

I have found that in times of woe, Jamba Juice really does help :)

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you didn't get a chance to audition. With all that preparation, you would have been AMAZING! It's their loss . . .

onehm said...

Glad that a friend was there for you to talk with. And Jamba Juice.