Thursday, June 21, 2007

Third Person Thursday

June 21, 2007

She goes to a lot of big buildings in the city.

Often, these buildings have several elevator banks. It's the same everywhere. Walk in. Show ID. Get a temporary pass printed out with a barcode.

Usually there is an elevator-bank-security-guy there to zap people through, or zap the badges through.

On Monday, there was no guy. There were about 4 paragraphs of instructions on the back of her barcoded pass.

She didn't want to read 4 paragraphs. She struggled. She read a few words, looked up at the computerized gate and waved the badge around. Nothing. She read a little more, got frustrated that she had to read in order to pass, and began flailing again.

Her 5-year-old daughter stared at her. Finally: "MOM!" She grabbed the pass, waved it once, the green light flashed and the gates opened. She gave it back to her mom whilst rolling her eyes and walked through.


As they were exiting there was a woman standing there struggling just like she had a few minutes before. She looked at her, pointed to her daughter and said: "She'll help." And she did.


marian said...

Uh oh! It's begun...

Natasha said...

i've always been afraid of the day my kids are smarter than me!