Thursday, June 28, 2007

Third Person Thursday

June 28, 2007

She got there with about 8 minutes to spare.

She was in the green room in the basement of the Lincoln Center. Oh good, there was a bathroom. Though her mind was quiet, at peace and rather calm, her bowels were not.

She didn't understand why she couldn't seem to get it together in that area, but sometimes the body just does what it does with nerves.

She went to the bathroom, and when she came out, into the green room, the monitor checked her in. She drank some water and then, "Oh crap." Literally.

She went back in the bathroom and tried to relax and will the girl before her to sing all her songs and say all her copy....twice....maybe three times...come on come on.

She heard a voice. It was the monitor: "Kristy!"

"YES!" She called...FROM THE BATHROOM....the monitor responded: "Take your time...."

She tried to finish up as fast as she could, and when she exited said to him: "Good thing I am not the type of person that is easily embarrassed!"

Yup, good thing.


Juliana said...

That is hilarious! It is amazing what I our nerves make our bodies do.

tracy m said...

Yeah, nerves always do that to me, too.

Linz said...

I love that the response was "Take your time..."

Kage said...

linz, I know....that was what made it embarrassing actually...

and tracy m, that has never happened to me before...I wonder if it was a combination of nerves and my new cholesterol-attempting-to-lower-that-is diet.?