Monday, June 11, 2007

Verizon Squared

June 11, 2007

Today was odd. It all started with the weirdest yoga session I have ever had.

Between 9:30 and 12:00 I had a go-see for a print ad for Verizon on 28th Street, job shooting on the 14th. My commercial agent sent me on it. I had to smile, and then hold the phone up to my ear and smile.

At 12:00 I had a Request Casting for a print ad for Verizon, shooting on the 14th, on 27th street. My print agent sent me on that. There I had to smile, not smile, stand with my legs apart, do my profile, JUST my hands against the wall and then my hand holding the phone out to the side. When it was over, my toddler, very sweetly asked: My turn? So cute.

Two Verizon castings, two different agents, same day, same shoot date, 3 minutes away from each other geographically. Bizarre. My daughter was REALLY good, and then she fell asleep and STAYED asleep (miracle) until it was time to pick up sister.

Then I tortured them, by making them get their blood taken for their yearly check-ups. Sorry girls. I made up for it though by letting them play in the water spray at our local playground, and having dinner and family night on the ROOF.

Now I am going to get in my new nightgown (yes, you read that correctly, and yes it is the first I have bought since labor (wore it to push the baby out, then left it in the hospital trash can) and bottoms, and before that since I was probably 7), and read the Chapter of HP #5 entitled: GRAWP.


HappyGoMommy said...

Hi Kristy! I have been reading - and enjoying - your blog since I found the link via Heidi's blog. It is ver interesting for me to follow your life - so different than mine as a homemaker in Indiana!! But yet still so similar as we are both moms of little ones!

Can you write sometime more about the industry you are in? For example, I read a lot that you spend time going to these auditions/castings - are you paid for your time for the auditions? Or do you just get paid once you get the job?

Also, can you tell more about what each thing means - like "go-see," "casting," etc.? For someone who isn't familiar with NYC or the industry, this would be helpful when reading your blog.

Thanks - and keep up the fun writings!! :)

Kage said...

go-see: you go and they see you....and decide if they want you in a print ad

casting: general word for a go-see, audition or any session (period of time) when someone is judging you mercilessly

NO PAY for auditions, unless it is the third time you have been called in, you get $100. In fact the other day I had to PAY 10 dollars to audition...HA! (that's very rare).

We get paid well (usually) when we book a job. HOWEVER, if you were to divide that money between the number of audiitions throughout the year, I think you would get paid like .05 an hour!

Last year I booked 17% of my you go.

Melissa said...

I love your yoga session story, so funny.
Crazy that your two jobs were so close...I tried telling someone once how crazy it was that we bumped into some friends in Central Park. They totally didn't get it, not realizing how HUGE CP is and how random it was to be in the same spot at the same time.
How did your meeting last week go?