Sunday, July 01, 2007

5 years ago today...

It was 100 degrees.

My DH had graduated from University of Maryland. When my baby was 5 weeks old, I went to work full time, and he was her primary caregiver. After the show closed on June 29th, we sold our car, sold our souls to the devil to get the UHaul (I HATE that company), packed our bags and drove to NYC.
On July 1st, we loaded in, with the help of my little brother (then 14 at the time) and the local church peops.

A list of milestones from the past 5 years:
1. Surviving that first summer with 1 air conditioner.
2. Chasing our first giant cockroach around the apartment.
3. Crazy downstairs neighbor lady.
4. Fleeing for our lives on Halloween.
5. Moving to our second NYC apartment at Thanksgiving.
6. My husband getting a job, 4 months after we moved to NYC.
7. Unemployment Adventures.
8. The Subway Flasher.

1. My first NYC theatre job.
2. Little girl turning 1.
3. Meningitis.
4. First (and maybe last) Cruise.
1. Started Modeling.
2. TW3-ABC job.
3. Subway Assault.
4. Husband promoted...first GM car.
1. Baby Girl #2 Born.
2. Runway Moms.
3. DH promoted some more.
4. Charlie, the very unwanted mouse.
2006 & 2007
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The past 5 years have brought us tremendous UPS and DOWNS. Today we look back and thank our Heavenly Father for the many many blessings that He has showered down upon us. MY DH and I are especially grateful for out beautiful, brilliant, energy-sapping-to-complete-exhaustion, exuberant girls. It wouldn't be the same adventure without them. Here's to the next 5 years!


HK said...


Yes, it was a hot steamy week in Maryland when you abandoned us with that U-Haul, which, I must say, you handled quite well on the way back to your apartment in College Park. I remember thinking that you and Jason were a little nuts to head off to NYC with no jobs and a wee little baby. But things worked out and although our friendship is a long distance one now, I'm so glad everything worked out for your family. Today, the temps or in the mid 60s right now and the humidity will return in time for the fireworks on Wednesday. Glad Heavenly Father was watching out for you when you left MD. Have a great Fourth.


Lisa said...

Wwe are so proud of all you have accomplished. Moving to New York was definitely the right thing to do!