Friday, July 27, 2007

72 Hour Kit: Week 3

What you're gonna need:

Battery Lighting (Flashlights, Lamps)
Extra Batteries
Flares, Candles, Lighter
Water-proof Matches

What I have:
A flashlight and 2 glowsticks. Shoot.

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J and J said...

Have you thought about buying a 72 Hr Backpack? Nothing against putting your own together (i've tried several times). But you always end up having to add so many things anyway (medications, feminine products, things for the kiddies). Kinda nice to have the solar powered flash lights, water pouches, and MRE's taken care of. J and I got ours at (although there are a ton of websites). They come in many varieties (family sizes, etc.) Ours is orange but maybe it comes in hot pink? :)