Sunday, July 15, 2007

72 Hour Kit

My church is helping me gather my 72-hour kit.

This is a kit to help one person survive for 3 days. I need 4 of them. Each week we are given an assignment of what to gather/purchase, so that we have a completed kit by September. As of the beginning of this project I had a rather large bag with a few small person-size blankets, 2 glow sticks, a small flashlight, 2 ponchos and a 50 dollar bill. I have enough water elsewhere in my apt. (it won't fit in a bag).

Last week I needed to get protein/granola bars, trail mix/dried fruits, and crackers/cereal. I haven't gotten them yet. This week the assignment is canned tuna, beans, meat, vienna sausages etc. (pop top cans), canned juice, candy/gum.

I consider candy/gum and juice a luxury...but I guess I will still want that stuff in the middle of a hurricane when I am trying to survive? And if I don't eat that canned meat now, would I really eat it during an emergency? Confusion. Today after church I put every can that had a pop top, into the bag, so now I have 6 snack size peaches, a large can of pineapple, 2 cans of soup and a can of beefaroni.

I will REALLY try to get more of the stuff on the list this week. Please wait until September Mr. Hurricane (or other disaster). Pretty please?!


Crazymamaof6 said...

I am with you! i wouldn't eat Vienna sausages during a disaster even if there was nothing else. I'd loose more energy barfing from that, then gain sustenance. good for you on trying to get the 72 hour kit together.

jlk said...

I think the candy and gum is so you have something sweet and to keep sugar levels up. Also, if you're chewing gum, you don't think about the fact that you have less than the normal amount of food to eat. As my friend said "My boys could eat all this food by lunch."

Good for you for getting it together. We are a lot behind with that. We do have a 4 month supply of food.

Anonymous said...

VERY good idea! by the way, do you have a my space page?

Lisa said...

I have a friend who went to the storehouse and actually canned M&M's!

Kage said...

jlk, yeah that makes for the 4 month food supply...maybe when I sell the rest of my cd's, there will be room under my bed for some food storage...for now my plan is just to loot the nyc delis.

anon, yes I have a myspace, but I NEVER go on, and I am pretty sure it is quite lame...

Lisa-is that you mom? M & M's that's hilarious.

Linz said...

You should post your weekly assignment (or e-mail it to me, hee hee). I feel overwhelmed by my long list and I like the idea of doing it week-by-week.

Lisa said...

Yes, Lisa is MOM!

Kage said...

Week 1: protein/granola bars
trail mix/dried fruit
water (1 gallon per person)
An active person needs 1/2 gallon of water per really, 1.5 gallons per person for a 72 hour kit...and that's just for drinking

Week 2:
canned tuna, beans, meat, sausages
(pop can top_
canned juice