Monday, July 30, 2007

Gradually Going Green

This week I scored the HP bag I had mentioned in a previous post.

The director of this staged reading that I am rehearsing, gave it to me. I used it to take my groceries home on Saturday. I love it.

Speaking of reusable bags, this post is really funny:
I am not a plastic bag

A friend of mine gave me the link for this reusable wrapping paper. It's a little pricey, BUT I can see it making it's rounds amongst a group of close friends. It would be a fun tradition, to always wrap it in the special friends-only paper year after year:
Reusable Gift Wrap

1 comment:

knittingirl said...

Great bag! You're inspiring me to tote my groceries in a reusable bag, even though I recycle the plastic ones. I think I'll knit this one...