Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Continues...

After about 9 years of living with this Harry Potter fanatic, my husband finally cracked a book.

Since he has seen all the movies up to 5, he is starting his Harry Adventure with Book 6. On Saturday night, we sat reading for several hours. I put in two more last night. I am about 7 hours in..which puts me somewhere between 3 and 400. I am enjoying it so much so far.

On Saturday, we wore our Harry tattoos, in honor of the book:

My hometown really outdid themselves for their Harry Potter celebration. I sort of wish I had been there. My sis said there was a lady dressed as Professor Sprout, pushing her baby, dressed as a Mandrake. I hope they re-use that for Halloween. Click here to see and read about Naperville's AWESOME Harry Potter Town Party.

I noticed, even my husband's subscriptions: Business Week and The Economist are getting into the Harry Potter Spirit...come ON...these covers CAN'T be a coincidence!:

Read about my friend's BURROW trip, JUST to read the book here. Amazing how a book can bring the world together. Maybe Rowling should run for President.

I sincerely hope that there becomes a national Harry Potter Day, so that we can dress up as crazy witches and wizards at least once a year. I would so love that.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO with you on creating a HP Day. I'll compain with you! :)

Maybe our husbands should meet sometime...he also just started reading. Like your DH, mine has been dragged to all of the movies. I filled him in on #6. He just started #7.

Enjoy the book...needless to say it's fantastic!!!!!

Corinne said...

Hey, thanks for the link friend! I'm jealous of your hubby trying out the books. Clint's convinced I need a support group :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

i read it all day saturday and finished it yesterday, and my husband finished it in one night, i stood in line so i got to finish it first! So great ! i loved the video! about the scholastic party! totally amazing!

jlk said...

There is a day we can dress up like witches and wizards -- it's called Halloween :)

I get what you're saying though. It's hard to imagine this series being done.

Tandy said...

I finished the book last night. I watched the media coverage all weekend and was amazed at the phenomenon this woman has created. So much fun! I'm looking forward to starting the series again and sharing it with my DD. She has been begging me to read Harry Potter to her for a while.