Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter Tosis

I have never been drunk.

I think the closest I have been to drunk was that time in college...(just kidding...wanted to get my mom's heart pumping a little) when I took Nubain during the labor of my first daughter. In this birth story, she describes it: "I tried the Nubain at around 7:00am. It made me feel like I had a few glasses of wine." If I were to drink, I now know that I would be a happy drunk.

Anyway, during that episode, I remember feeling like there was an invisible shield stretching between my ears, that I had to overcome in order to talk and act normal in the world. I didn't succeed very well because I invited my anesthesiologist over for dinner, after assuring him that I was really quite cool when I wasn't acting like a Frog.

The only other times I have had that foggy drowsy feeling, all had to do with meds. Once for trying to overcome vertigo during meningitis, when I tried Zyrtec, and any time I have taken Nyquil.

So then, why have I been fighting that feeling on and off the past week? I have not changed my meds (just the usual allergy line-up that I have been taking forever, and it's awesome), I don't feel sick, I am emotionally stable, and their are low allergens right now, so it's not like that is causing a fog. I have been forced (by my body) to take two naps this week. Like, can't take it anymore, gonna fall over or cry, must sleep NOW moments. Last night I just faded onto the couch right before I was supposed to go to rehearsal, and I couldn't make it. I went to bed at 9.

My husband thinks it's because I read Harry Potter in 5 days. But the thing is, if I had read it in one day, and say, stayed up to all hours to finish it, then that would make sense...but I DID spread it out, and went to bed at reasonable why? why the fog?

I recently changed my eye prescription, but it has been fine for the whole month, why would it make me dizzy and drowsy and foggy now? He has a little head cold. Is mine a cold too, but since I netti pot, it's not in my nose like it normally would be? Am I just exhausted? Or, is it Harry Potter Tosis?


ann said...

are you preggers? sounds like could be the symptoms....

Kage said...

Put it this way, I have been rendezvousing with many Playtex Gentle Glides this week !!!

courtini said...

haha that soo weird cause i kind of have been doing the same thing this week
i narrowed my reasons down to
1. harry potter
2. i had the wrong perscription contacts in

but still...what you said is exactly what ive been doing this week. its probably harry potter. =)