Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Can't Be Awake with Myself

"I Can't Be Awake with Myself"is the title of my current mental state. This mental state was named such YEARS's secret language for. "I have PMS."

I just called my DH and told him, "I can't be awake with myself. I don't feel like myself." He said I didn't sound like myself, and reminded me who the real me is...that I CAN handle my life, that I DO love my life, that I WILL be glad about going to rehearsal tonight, and i would regret quitting something I have not yet begun. The "I Can't Be Awake with Myself" Kage is not allowed to make any important decisions...because she is never right.

The rehearsal is for a reading of an Opera in One Act by my same friend who did the concert about a month ago. The real me is excited about this. The me that is here right now is feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, and like I can't be awake with myself.

So, I think I will go watch The 4400 or maybe the rest of Ferretts: The Pursuit of Excellence. Watching this lady sing the ferrett song again is SURE to help me stay awake with myself:


onehm said...

Well, it brightened my day! (Never seen anything quite like that...)
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Hope you get to feeling more like your old self really soon!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i caught art of that last night, it was on in the play room! when i went in to turn the TV off! so funny to catch that on your blog today! hope you feel like yourself soon! I hate PMS and have it this week too! at least you realize you don;t feel like yourself and don't make any rash decisions! good call! i never realize until it is too late!