Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kansas I come

My first thought when I book a job out of town, after "I need to find a babysitter, call my other agents and book out, grab some gas-x," is I GET TO READ! I love going on the little business trips alone because I get to read. The last trip I went on my DH said: "Aren't you excited to take a nap on the plane?" Are you kidding? I don't sleep...I read.

I am leaving on Monday night for Kansas City, Missouri. That is where the headquarters for Hallmark are, so the photoshooot is there too. I am not sure if it is for Hallmark Magazine or another advertising section of their company, but I will find out more once I get there. All I know is that it is one day and it is a Valentine's Day shoot.

My reading list:
Nurtured By Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for making it easier
Harry Potter Book 6
Raising Your Spirited Child

I could probably easily finish HP, but I sort of want to keep to my schedule of one chapter a day, until Amazon knocks on my door with the newest book. I would like to finish Helping Parents practice, because the novelty of violin lessons (and subsequent enthusiasm), is wearing off at a rapid rate, so I need to figure out how to sustain the practicing momentum.

I won't be gone long, but it will be just enough to refresh me and remind me that even though June was a bust of a month, I am still in this thing..... crazy nuts.

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Tandy said... read again! I have forgotten what it's like to just pick up a book and read. I'm looking forward to our road trip in couple weeks because it will give me some time to do just that.

Enjoy your time away!