Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Photo Assignment

Superhero Journal's Monday Photo Assignment was a welcome distraction from the constant dizziness that I have been afflicted with since Tuesday. I spent a good long afternoon with the ENT today and now I know that I have a deviated septum and really good hearing. And I'm still dizzy.


Linz said...

What's a deviated septum?

Linz said...

Never mind, just saw the link.

Your pics look even better than SuperHero's or whoever that is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kage,

This has NOTHING to do with your posting (sorry to hear about all of that btw), but I thought of you tonight. I was driving home and had on my Sirius Radio and heard a song on the Broadway channel I think you would be PERFECT for. It's "Enjoy Being a Girl" from "The Flower Drum Song". The woman singing it was an alto...I know you're a sopprano but this might hit in a good range for you. It's just so fun and sassy. I could totally see you auditioning with it. If you don't know it check it out! :)

Kage said...

That IS a good one, and not in my book, but maybe I will have to add it. I have one sort of like it called TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE by Rodgers and's about taking beauty over knowing how to cook or sew...really cute.