Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My crazies

I love the outfit on the big girl, and the pigtails and legs on the little girl.

The little one got her haircut yesterday, by Famous Frank. No more more curls....but I know it will grow back quick as lightening! Photo soon. Working today.


jmc4180 said...

i have to ask where do you get your girls cute outfits, and their leggings. i want some for my little 5 year old! appreciate it!

Webb Family said...

I found your blog from a friend & I have to say how much I enjoy reading about your life in N.Y. Your daughters are adorable!!

Kage said...

I mostly shop for them at Target, Old Navy and H & M. I'm cheap.

I do want to get my older daughter something special/cute/more pricey at the Aqua section at Bloomingdales. I also recently scored some good deals on church shoes at Nordstrom: one was 10 bucks, the other 30.

That top is from Old Navy RIGHT NOW, and those leggings, H & M...right now.

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