Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Loves

When I was working for Hallmark last month, I scored one of their magazines. I read this beautiful article about a couple who were truly in love. The wife kept a journal of sentences of all the wonderful things that her DH did for her. It was her treasure after he passed away. It made me bawl like a big baby. Life goes so fast for me, that I decided to record the little things, to help me appreciate my loves.

July 2007
Letting me sleep in after Kansas City Trip: Making Breakfast for the girls
Taking me to Harry Potter Movie
Cleaning up the car after a lot of sandy kids were in there.
Going to get Pull-ups when we were both so exhausted, and after you got caught in the Steam Pipe explosion.
Talking me through the depths of despair
Suggesting Dinner Saturday night
Reading Harry Potter 6, whilst I read 7.
Doing the dishes when my room was spinning.

Big Sis: Covering my toes up with the blanket and kissing my head
Dressing up to go "see a (pretend) boy"
That one GREAT violin-practicing day...just that one.
Yelling: "MOMMY!" when I got home from work.
Making me the M-O-M creation for my bulletin board.
Asking if my cholesterols were gone yet?
Gently reminding others that my mommy doesn't eat sweets anymore.

Lil Sis: Singing Butterfly songs in the bathroom
Having a dry pull-up for most of the day on Sunday (even though she threw her toy phone into the soiled toilet)
Reading about 7 books IN A ROW...without wiggling, ripping, or running away...you're growing up!
Kissing my elbow, when you were supposed to be in bed.
Crawling in bed and holding hands with me while I tried to wake up.
She was sitting on my legs watching tv, and noticed a blister on my dirty (from the streets of NYC) big toe, and kissed it.
Rubbing my bright red hair wig (at the Harry Potter party)and saying: Pretty Hair Mommy.



Allyson said...

This is a great idea!

onehm said...

It's so important to remember all the little things.
I love this idea.
What a sweet family you have.

E-Dawg said...

Sweet. You are so blessed and I am sure your family could list the many things they love about you.

Linz said...

This is a really good idea.

Britt said...

These are so great.

Kage said...

My sis, jen, and onehm have all paid it forward after reading this post today...share the love people...can I get an amen?

Laurie said...

I love grateful journals. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to appreciate the people in our life.