Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Good Luck Little Brother. You are going to be GRAND.

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This photo is now an 8 x 10 in my hallway, so that I pass by it everyday and think of him. I sent him a letter yesterday, so I think it will be waiting for him in the MTC when he checks in today!

Man, I am going to miss him...Tear...for real. Today on the phone, I helped the little one say: "See you when I'm 4!"


Megan said...

Such moving tributes! You're so lucky to have a good relationship with him.

Laura said...

So hard to let them go... It really does put it in perspective when you realize how much the little ones grow in those two years. When my brother left my daughter was 2 and I was pregnant. He came home to my four yr old and my 1 yr old, it was quite a change. WORTHWHILE though indeed! I regularly check your blog (since Heidi got me voting). You are one blogger I enjoy every time and someone who posts a lot! I love it! I feel like I am learning about New York and other fun things all the time, thanks!

E-Dawg said...

Wait, isn't he still 12?

Bye and break a leg Sam! Enjoy the Domenican, I am sure it won't be hard.