Thursday, July 12, 2007

Third Person Drama

It doesn't get more drama then this:

She was wrangling for a new client. 2 of the models she had wrangled before a few weeks earlier, so she remembered what was going on with them.

The first time she worked with him, the one boy was honoring the 1st anniversary of his older brother's death of a drug overdose. And his baby brother was due in a few weeks, coming via surrogate. That was a lot, so she remembered him, and his story.

When he walked in that day, she immediately asked about the baby. He told her that the baby was due any day, and that he had in fact predicted he would be born that very day. She then got more of the backstory. Around the death of his older brother, his parents received a bill in the mail stating that unless they paid to continue storing their last embryo (must have had some IVF in the past), the lab would destroy it. So, instead of paying for it, they decided to implant it in a surrogate mother.

Everything went late at the shoot that day, and just when she had gotten the boy settled on set, his nanny's phone rang. The surrogate mother was in labor! IN BOSTON! The nanny tried to stave off the Dad's yelling so that we could get a few shots of the boy, but finally the art buyer ran the phone to the boy, and he immediately jumped off the set, changed clothes and left.

Now they had no model and it was close to 7 at night.

She went with the producer to hit the streets. The first boy they found was PERFECT but he and his family were about to get on a boat and it was their last night in NYC. She promised him lots of money and a ginormous poster in Times Square, but the parents wouldn't budge. Apparently the Dad was a casting director from LA and pretty snobbish about the whole thing. The only other boy they found was very young, and freaked out about the fact that he had to change his clothes once they got him upstairs.

Next she called her manager and had her rush her son down, and once they saw him, decided against using him too. Shoot. She tried.

It was such a long day, she doesn't even know what they ended up deciding to she will just have to wait to see the giant poster in Times Square.


Brenchley Family said...

too bad they didn't need a 15 month old! :-) You would have known where to find one of those!

Linz said...