Thursday, July 19, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She often has an image of herself standing in the middle of the city with a pile of 20 dollar bills, waiting for the wind to blow, and then one at a time tossing them away. Bye Bye Money!!!

The reason this image came on this day is because of a stupid pair of brown leggings. Ever since the H & M two for one sale a week earlier, and a pretty cool looking brownish giraffe print tunic, she had been looking for the perfect pair of leggings. The same day she bought the shirt she spent a significant amount of time staring at the leggings/tights wall, trying to decide between cropped and full length, gold and brown, opaque or den (she is pretty sure den meant NOT opaque).

After deciding on a two pack of cropped, opaque, dark brown leggings, she checked out. She got home and pulled them out, only to find that she had grabbed THE WRONG THING. It was TIGHTS.....NOT Leggings. Brown opaque tights in July...anyone? anyone?

Frustrated, she committed to hunting down a good pair, and a less confusing leggings/tights wall. This day, she stopped by American Apparel. She found a great pair, but at $26- for one pair, her budget wouldn't allow for it. She then tried Express. On the wall, JUST what she wanted, and at $14- Still a little pricey, but she figured, if she exchanged the tights ($10-), she would really only be spending about $5 with tax.

So she did it, she bought the leggings. She placed them on top of her very full bag (today's three castings required a tank top, two hair changes (so large hairspray bottle and brush), no makeup, then suburban hip mom makeup, then Rockette makeup, Rockette dance attire, complete with dance shoes, and her giant modeling book--add to that an umbrella), and walked to her third appointment.

About 7 minutes later, she decided to look at the leggings again, she picked up the Express bag, and the leggings were gone. What? She checked inside her bag and her bag within the bag (it was HEAVILY raining when she left earlier that morning, so she had her costumes in a Gap bag---reusing! YES!), and they were nowhere to be found. She scanned the area, and all she saw were adorable ballerinas walking into a studio (THEY must have stolen them!!!)

She retraced her steps all the way back to the counter where she bought them. No luck. And the girls who worked there showed no signs of handing over another pair.

So, she left, with the image of herself throwing 20-dollar-bills in the wind, and wished her pair of leggings a happy life with some other girl, who will probably looked really bad in least she hoped that for a split second (ok 45 minutes) until she got over it. Turning in 6 used Mac Cosmetics containers for a free lipstick, also helped. Feel So Fine, it makes her teeth look whiter.


knittingirl said...

Ouch! That really bites about the leggings - glad your new lipstick made you feel better (doesn't it always?)!

Brenchley Family said...

there must be something in the air! I bought 4 packages of Maria Coookies for the little monster and I think the people at the Target stole them. . . . maybe they rolled out of the bags and are in the cart. Wherever they are, I didn't get home with them.

I am so sorry about the leggings! It sounds like you had a rough day! I'd offer you some cookies if I had them!

vicki said...

a new mac lipstick always helps my whoa's!!!!!

cj said...

Don't forget the Nordstrom sale tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

You should look into getting a MAC pro card. Discounts on products are a beautiful thing.

Laura said...

UGH that sucks! You should look into the Mac pro card. My sister has one and its really great! I love Mac makeup. A new lipstick is fabulous and you gotta love getting rid of the containers for something free.

vicki said...

yeah, just figured out whoa is spelled woe! i'm a dork! lol- by the way kristy, where did you get your cute pink glasses i saw in one of your posts?? (i'm lovin' your things! can you tell?!?!)

Kage said...

anon, yes I know about macpro. I am actually a member...well I let it expire all the time, but I am actually going to re-sign up and go on a little spree next week, b/c I got a much-awaited pay check!

Vicki, the glasses are prescription, but the lenses are from a vintage frame shop downtown NYc...they were only about 40 bucks. I love them...wearing them right now.