Thursday, July 26, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She knew that HP was taking over her mind and body a little too much. She felt she needed to work out and read her scriptures, two things she hadn't done much of since she got the book.

Since her call time was early that morning, she couldn't exercise, but she could pop her scriptures in her bag, right next to HP, and read on the train.

As she sat on the train thinking about Dumbledore and Harry, she sat down and disciplined herself to instead read about the Vineyard and the Olive Tree. She looked up and noticed a man with a Yamakah opening his backpack. She saw the HP book in there, but noticed, he too was reading his scriptures first. Oh, the things that bring us together, she thought.

She spent the rest of the train ride reading her scriptures, trying to keep her mind from wandering.

Once she got to the job she had a few minutes to read just one more chapter, and then it was time for work to begin. She was wrangling for TJ MAXX today. On the schedule: Cute babies. And baby chicks. And kittens.


She had heard a peeping, but sometimes random birds get stuck in random places (the PEST aisle in the Queens Home Depot is basically a hatchery for pigeons...while you are buying the pest preventors, you are getting crapped on by a pigeon..oh the irony), so she figured a lost sparrow had gotten stuck in the studio or something...nope...chicks.


Before she began, a mom arrived, came in and announced that her son was there but sleeping. She said ok, and the mom left and then came right back in and introduced herself: "Hi, I'm ____________, and I read your blog." She was so surprised to meet a reader like that. Fun and Random. Later in the day they got to know each other better and her reader suggested that she strive for publication...which gave her a little something to think about...

Back to the babies. They were all so good today, really. Even the one that was SO ready for a nap, pulled out some great shots for her. Working with the animals taught her a few things:

1. Chickens poop a lot. Well, she's used to that.

2. If you want a chicken to stay in place for a little while, take the chicken, cup it in your hands and shake it..not vigorously, kind of in a large, up and down arch. That's what THEIR wrangler did...

3. Babies can very easily pick up little chicks and try to eat them or squeeze them. Even if they have the chicken by the little feather, in between it's thumb and forefinger, the chicken cannot GET AWAY.

4. Kittens do not like things tickling their faces, like babies do. If you try to wrangle a kitten, like a baby, you will not be successful.

5. Kittens are friskier than baby chicks.

6. Kittens can make babies bleed. Yes, she had her first injury on set today, a pinprick of blood from the sweetest baby boy. He was so brave.

So, after a half day of wrangling, she headed to a callback for a job, which she booked (yippee), and then went home and tried to read while her 2-year-old had never ending: "Watch Mommies!" With 61 pages left, she fidgeted through her rehearsal that night, yelling spells along the way: Expelliarmus! Lumos!

She finished it just before 10 PM. And yes, tears were shed.


Anonymous said...

love your blog! here's my question, which has nothing to do with this post, but it's something i've been wondering-- i know you don't usually mention your girls' names on the blog which is probably smart, but i saw runway moms so i heard them. just wondering how you chose those names? i love them, and i love hearing stories about how names were chosen. can you share, without "naming names," so to speak?
keep up the great work,

Kage said...

My criteria for names:

~something most people have heard of, but maybe they don't know someone personally with the name.

~if they haven't, when they read them on paper there is a large chance that they won't mispronounce it.

~It's ranking on the Social Security website must have this message pop up: "not in the top 1000 female names for any year of birth in the last 15 years." OR it must be showing a downward trend. My first daughter is ranked 951 currently...down from like 500 something. My second daughter got that message above.

~I enjoy alliteration, but I didn't want the girls' to have really similar names. If they had twins sisters, I might have gone there...the twins would have been Delaney and Alice...Anyway, instead of blatant word games, I did something a little more subtle. All 3 of the girls names have only 5 letters in them. If I were to have a third, I would follow this trend. I have a boy and a girl name waiting in the wings that fit all this criteria, just in case.

TMI right?

Kage said...

ps. My children are NOt named after anyone in the family tree, not even middle names. I understand that tradition, but I don't go for it.

Anonymous said...

see, that's cool. i love that question, b/c you rarely get "oh, i don't know. we just thought it was cute." there's almost always a REASON. we chose my son's name for the same reason as your #1. most people have heard it, and can spell it, but there aren't many of 'em around.
so from your answer to the first question, does that mean your girls have the same middle name?

gramakas said...

Just noticed the "Kite Runner" addition to your site and I have to say that I have read that book and loved it! It is very intense and not for the squimish but an excellent read.

Kage said...

they have different middle names from each other

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok love the name story, very interesting. and very fun to find a blog reader! totally random but cool! and my uncle hate a chick when he was 2 and reeked for a month. gross. brought to mind by the "baby's try to eat them part." i guess grandma needed a wrangler!