Friday, July 13, 2007

The Way We Live

Remember The Way We Live?

It fell off the deep end, BUT a friend of mine, who was next up for THE WAY WE LIVE has just posted a little bit about the way she lives, so I thought you might be interested. Click HERE. And for the record, this is the way my couch looked when I was trying to catch Charlie, the Mouse. And I LOVE her red couch, the photo gallery on the wall, and her use of little nooks.

And for the archives:

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1 comment:

vicki said...

your friend's misadventure sounds like a nightmare. and, yeah, cats can be pretty clueless with hunting down bugs if you really need them! ps~i'm so glad i ran across your blog! i saw you on eebee, and it was bugging me where i recognized you from, so i saw your name on the credits and... voila! you were the girl from runway moms, nuvaring, ect... i, likewise, have always liked your haircut, too!!!