Thursday, August 09, 2007

Edith Stein

EDITH STEIN Debuts Tonight! I have been rehearsing for this since the middle of July. It has been most challenging given the 2 weeks of dizzyness, but last night I finally feel like my performance came together. Come see it if you are in the hood.

A New Opera
Come see the staged reading!
August 9th
August 13th

8:00 PM ~ Admission is Free

St. Peter's Church, Sanctuary
54th & Lexington in the Citigroup Building

One of the most controversial figures in modern religion, Edith Stein was born a Jew, converted to Catholocism, became a Carmelite nun, was arrested by the Nazi's, died in Auschwitz, and was eventually canonized by the Catholic Church as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.

In this startling new work of lyric theatre, Edith's journey from Jewish-born atheist philosopher to Catholic saint is told through music and contrasted with the deep religious divide her canonization has caused. Inspired by Arthur Giron's successful play as well as by Edith's own recently released philosophical and spiritual writings, EDITH STEIN explores the gap between reason and faith, and asks the true definision...of a saint.


Marisa Michelson

Jennifer Dorr White

Douglas Ullman, Jr.

Sam Hutcheson

Andrew Elsesser

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Ann said...

good luck! you'll be wonderful! wish i could be there to see you in action!