Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gradually Going Green

This week on G3:

I first saw this on Sara Snow's show, but now there is a teeny tiny post about it on my favorite neighborhood blog: RIVER POWER. I hope those turbines can help us out. It has been a HOT coned bill reflects this. Gulp.

This week I realized that I am green in yet another way. Ever since I got the dreaded hair extensions last year, I had no choice but to STOP washing my hair everyday. Those puppies were just a rat's nest waiting to happen, so it was impossible to wash every day, plus blow-drying for two hours (NOT green), could not possibily happen more than once a week.

After I got them out, I was so used to washing my hair every three days or so, that I just kept doing it. I love it because my hair looks better usually the second day, my daily showers are cut down to minutes, and I am saving water.

I couldn't have done that back in the day when I had this hair and slopped it up with bedhead stick every morning...but now, washing my hair every 2 or 3 days works just fine!

This week was the first time that I took ALL my groceries home in reusable bags. Finally remembered. Whoosh....progress people. Both in the green AND the hair department.

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D said...

I pretty much gave up on shampoo. I use conditioner a few times a week and shampoo maybe once or twice a month. Since I'm a guy with short hair, I can get away with it more easily, I bet.

I find that my hair is its worst right after a washing. This is especially true for people with curly hair (ie: my wife).