Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm It.


I have been tagged. I'll be honest, I have gone 18 months without being tagged, and been FINE with that. I am not a big fan of TAGGING. However, THIS particular tag is apropos because it is my anniversary today. And in that spirit, I choose to tag anyone who is also having an anniversary soon.

Where did you meet your husband?
I met my husband at church, in the Logan Square Ward, in the young single adults Sunday School Class. I actually looked at his scriptures to find out what his name was. I saw his name, and then said my name with his last name, in my head. It was kind of strange that I did that...

He was wearing a vest, which I thought was funny and cute at the same time.

What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I don't know...either Hi or YES...because I don't think he actually spoke to me until a YSA dance, and he asked me to dance, and I said...well, probably, "OK"

Where was the first kiss? First date?
The first date came before the first kiss, thankfully. It was to a restaurant in Chicago, on Southport, which no longer exists, called THE RED TOMATO, (I still have their business card in my wallet...and I intend on framing it some day), and to a movie called Gattica. He called me I think 3 or 4 times the day of the date, to make sure I would like the movie, the time of the movie, the type of food...etc. Endearing. Our first kiss was in my dorm room. I wish we had had a different first kiss. I thought after the first date was too soon. At the same time I was totally impressed with how forward he was about asking me to dance, asking me out AND kissing was a nice change from the dumb intimidated-by-me guys.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated 5 months, and were engaged 5 months. Short.

Where did you get engaged?

We got engaged at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, in February, with snow on the DH expressed how he WOULD kneel in the was pretty frigid...I was totally surprised. He wanted to propose there because he knew it would ALWAYS be there, and we could go back and visit. And we have yet to do so.

Where did you get married?
Chicago, IL temple.

This is us, right after the ceremony. I wore my wedding dress to be married, then changed into this for our wedding luncheon, then changed back into my dress for some pix (like the one at the very top of the post), and then headed to the reception.

How did the reception go?

It was a party. We had it in a large hall on my college campus: DePaul University. It had tall ceilings, and a balcony to throw the bouquet over. We had multiple pies instead of wedding cake. We didn't even eat any, that's how much we were partying and dancing.

How was the honeymoon?
It was our first trip to Boston. By day 2 I had the honeymoon's disease (BLADDER INFECTION), so that was miserable, but we made the best of the city. We have been back since about 4 times, and are in love with that city and each other even more. And we are happy that close to 9 years later we can afford a much nicer hotel then the one we stayed in as poor newlyweds.

This is us, leaving the reception...

And here is us, 9 years later:


chloe said...

Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids...:)

knittingirl said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on nine years! What the world needs now is love, sweet love!

Deon said...

Very sweet story! I think I found myself in your reception photo: tall girl in a cream-colored pantsuit on the dance floor with my DH. That was a rockin' party! Fun memories! Love to your fam!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Simone from England.

Happy Anniversary!!

regarding your swapping houses idea for next year...I would love to but me and my DH are planning another baby.
So I'm not sure what next year will bring just yet (a lot of stress probably he he!!) only joking can't wait to have a bigger family.

I still love your idea and would love to do it...I just can't commit to next year is all...sorry.

Anyway enjoy your anniversary -

'You will find as you look back upon you life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love'

poem by Henry Drummond.

S x

merathon said...

i also came down with the "honeymoon disease" and since we were married the week before Christmas, it had progressed into a full-blown kidney infection on new year's day and i was in so much pain that i was writhing around on the floor. we had a fun day ringing in the new millenium at the ER!

Cheryl said...

I did this post just last week, and I totally forgot about my bladder infection on the Honeymoon. I also was on my period for part of it. Yuck! But it worked out okay in the end.

Happy Anniversary!

onehm said...

You two are such a cute couple! And what a fun tag. Great story!!

Melissa said...

I'm e-singing happy anniversary happy anniversary happy anniversary haaaaaaaaaappy anniversary!

Laura said...

I am so glad someone tagged you. I loved this post!! Loved the old photos. I need to record my engagement story too!

Rachel H said...

Well, I did it too..and I am glad! It was really nice to take a walk down memory lane!Happy Anniversary to you! Our Wedding Memories!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I still have a picture of me in my pit-stained plum bridesmaid dress, sweating like a barn animal, waiting outside your temple with the rest of the bridal party. That picture is a winner. Man, was it HOT on this day nine years ago. Remember?

Happy Anniversary,


Kage said...

melissa, thanks for the song
rachel h, so cute

Meg, I know it was SO HOT...and there was no at the reception...but we made the best of it.

A-me said...

Happy love day!! :)

Corinne said...

I never realized that you all got married on my birthday :) So, here's to us - congrats all!!

lainakay said...

Happy Anniversary!

Such a nice story! Thanks for playing along with my tag! Sorry to break your 18 month respite... just had to share the love, so to speak ;)

Ashley said...

Happy anniversary!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love your tag and such a fun anniversary post! love all the pictures too you document it all so well. and the Sunday school and dance parts i can fill in with my own delightful memories of those. i think they are pretty universal!
Happy Anniversary!

kONniKaLITa said...

hey kristy! i definitely need skin advice! i want yours!!!!! so beautiful! and i love this entry! wish i could of been at yours and had you at mine! loves-your slc cousin-konni

Erin Marie said...

This may sound weird, but my thought when I got down to the recent pictures after seeing the ones from your wedding was that you two grew into each other nicely. You were cute at your wedding, of course, but so much cuter together now. :-)

And congrats on 9 years!