Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Love Affair Continues

My DH and I still say to each other every night....I just love this


And we really do.

1. I love that I have no idea what day is garbage/recycling day.
2. I love that I no longer receive those brown and yellow stickypad UPS notices that say I have missed a package.
3. I love that I have cut-out UPS Truck Hunts from my life (I have literally run them down a handful of times, to get my package)
4. I love that I can take an elevator when I have my hands FULL
5. I love the location of my parking space in the lot.
6. I love that I can roll out of bed, walk down stairs and workout. I have yet to workout while someone else is in there...peace...quiet...watching the squirrels outside on our little patch of grass.
7. I love the post office so close.
8. I love that my mail arrives before 11 AM
9. I love how close I am to the subway.
10. I love that I cannot hear my neighbors, and they cannot hear my noisy children.
11. I love my neighbors. I borrowed to the left's milk, to the right borrowed my foil. Good, I have sharers/ that.
12. I love that there are more new buildings like mine being built close by.
13. I love the breakfast/coffee shop a block away.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful feeling that is! i feel the same way! i live in the burbs around dallas. it is alot of fun but i do envy people with cool new york apts!!!

Laura said...

I love your blog. I love reading about someone "like" me living a totally amazing different and interesting life. Blogging is so cool, love that! I love NEW YORK! When we bought our house and finally got it the way we wanted it I used to dream all the time that we had to move away and leave it, sometimes I still have that bad dream. Wierd. I wish I had a work out room like that!

Laura said...

Thanks for forwarding my comments to the blog designer. How is your vertigo these days?

E-Dawg said...

I think you forgot something....LAUNDRY! That might need to go towards the top of your list.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simone from England,

well last year was a big year for me and my husband we had a daughter (Lily who is 16 months now)and together bought our first house (feel so grown up!) and I love my home. We live in a place called Sawbridgeworth - I love that it's 40 mins by train into London and 15 mins away from stanstead airport so if you fancy going to europe you can.
Also we're surrounded by countryside but 15 mins away you can be in a busy town.

'Home is where the heart is'

I would love to vist New York one day.

Kage said...

Simone, I am strongly considering London for my 10 year anniversary next summer...maybe we can house swap!...